Get to know each of the benefits that you get by being part of our university, they will form in you great advantages that will help you to develop and become a better professional capable of competing in the current labor field.

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Bilingual Professional

Our bilingual system will allow you to develop this great ability to communicate in the most popular language in the workplace and therefore you will be able to acquire a great competitive advantage when it comes to looking for a position in any company.

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We offer a wide variety of scholarships, according to the needs of each person, giving you the opportunity to finish your career. We have academic, sports, cultural and socioeconomic scholarships.

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Exchange Program

We offer you the opportunity to experience new places and at the same time continue developing your skills and knowledge. You can choose between a place inside the Republic or outside of it, the mobility is both national and international, you decide.

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Our careers have a duration of 3 years and 8 months, in which you will become a professional prepared for the future, developing your skills and strengths. 

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Work Experience

Through three periods of practice during your career you will acquire a total of 840 hours of experience to graduate prepared for the labor field. 

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Integral Formation

Through clubs and sports or cultural workshops you will acquire soft skills.